Happy 2nd Birthday, Ablestmage.com!

This is just a quick note to acknowledge the passing of Ablestmage.com’s second year in operation. The domain was technically registered in October 2007, but it wasn’t until around December 10, 2007 that I left my real job to pursue the site more intently (and ended up getting a part-timer in June 2008 to pay the bills). I still don’t make a single cent from the site, and I’m not altogether certain making the site a full-time job will ever become a reality like I’d hoped, but I still plan to keep running it for the forseeable future ^_^

Last year‘s goal (from Oct 9th), after hitting 100,000 hits was to break 250,000 hits by the following year, and I’m glad to say that the 250k-mark was reached a bit early in this past summer, and we’re actually up within 300 hits of 380k. The site pulls around 600 hits per day, and the winter months really seem to spike presumably as people have more stay-inside time on their hands =)) I’m sure we’ll be able to squish out the 500k mark this coming year.. but when?

For more detailed site stats, check the text link at the end of the sidebar with all the little flags, on the right side there =D

As for goals for the coming year, I hope to post more of my own art pieces on the site. A new year’s resolution of mine is to complete (not necessarily start, which allows permission to finish one that’s already started) one art-something per month. However, I’m not going to say that, if I miss one, then I’d resolve to complete two by the next month — no — that uncompleted month will stand bare-chested as open-air failure. I’m also doing away considering doing away with the creative writing prompt inside the daily random image (although not discarding the random image feature, to be clear)… I guess we’ll see what comes about!

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