Dumbest Conversations With A Bookstore Owner

There’s a bookstore called BookMine that has recorded some of the dumbest conversations with potential customers — and the owner’s responses are pretty funny..

Are these books old, or do you make them look old?
We have a special spray that makes new books look old and old books look new.
Your Yellow Page ad says you buy medical books.
Yes we do. What do you have?
Well, my Mom died and she was a hypochondriac.
Maybe she was right!
What do you mean?
Nothing. What kind of books did she have?
I found a book on your web site. It was written by my Uncle. I was wondering why it is so expensive? ($50)
It was inscribed and signed by him.
Why should I have to pay for his autograph? He’s my Uncle, not yours!

Anyhow, there’s quite a few of them — and at the end are a few search queries people have used whereby they (perhaps inadvertently) stumbled across his site, a few of which are rather bizarre.

Stupid Quotes at the BookMine


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