Blocktronics: Oldschool ANSi Art Group With Sweet Viewer

The early 1990s have returned to me! I had my own ANSi art group back in the BBS days of WWIV 4.23 message boards and playing Food Fight!, TradeWars 2002, Legend of the Red Dragon, and Baron Realms Elite (best door game ever). My group was called Sneaux Zone, and was pretty much just me and maybe one or two other guys who never actually contributed IIRC — and my art packs were terrible by most ANSi art standards. A good handful of them were animated and promptly became obselete after the 486DX/2-66mhz got left in the dust. I may still have a few backed up on 3.5″ floppy, but I don’t even have a drive for that anymore =/

So anyway: Relieve those wondrous days of TheDraw-crafted artistry with this new .ANS viewer for the web used by Blocktronics. They call it Viewtronics and use it to display ANSi files in a zoomed-out format for quicker and easier reminiscing. Their latest artpack is an homage to RaDMan, “Codename Christ Wirth”.. Turns out a lot of ANSi artists are using a drawing program called PabloDraw which I’ve just downloaded myself and will be digging into shortly!

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