Rotating Kitchen Art Installation

There’s a pretty weird-cool art installation called The Rotating Kitchen by Zeger Reyers that, in a nutshell, is a cube-ish room with wall absent (so you can see in) that’s slightly tilted back — presumably to keep everything from spilling out — that rotates as a clothes dryer would as opposed to how a merry-go-round would.

That pretty much means that everything gets dumped and falls over the wall closest to the showroom floor (of the Eating the Universe exhibition in Germany), with plenty of crashes and the maple syrup getting everywhere. It’s actually a pretty fun watch.. at certain points when lots of things start moving. The site claims that the room will be constantly moving until February of 2010, so things will really be messy at that point. That’s got to be something fun for the art installation curators to check every morning.

The link to the site has video of the process just beginning, where everything’s all neat and tidied up, until the room starts turning and junk falls out of cabinets and pans clatter everywhere. I wonder what it’ll look like in February. Moldy, I suspect!

Rotating Kitchen Art Installation by Zeger Reyers

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