J-Pop Wrap-Up: Buono, M-Kinenbi, S/mileage Ranked..

This is the 2nd installment of the X-Pop Wrap-Up (last time it was A-Pop) where I pretty much mutter a few opinions about recent events involving cute girls across the Pacific.

Miyabi Promoted, Airi No Longer Rather Irritating
Moving up from 2nd place, Miyabi has now unseated Risako as my favorite Berryz gal, mostly because Socko just doesn’t seem to have the charm (or slimness, there I said it) she once did back in the earlier stuff. Airi, the non-captain screen thief from C-ute, actually got on my good side in the most recent Buono PV, “Bravo☆Bravo” (below) for reasons uncertain. Maybe it’s because she didn’t occupy so much of the screen all the time, or that the PV was really rather cool (despite having relatively no interest in Buono before), catchy, and well-made.

Obi-Wan, er, I mean Melon Kinenbi Delivers New PV
Although a certain cow-orker of mine is thrilled with it (below), I really can’t say it has caught my attention other than being another H!P PV of late. Seishun on the Road is mostly shot up on a cramped, ordinary venue, there aren’t a particularly good amount of close-up-enough shots of the singers’ faces, the outfits are a bit odd for the atmosphere, and I was actually a bit distracted by the presence of actual instrument-playing artists in the background (not that M.K aren’t artists, per se). I actually had to watch it again to recognize who was who, as most all of them look a bit different than I last recall.

S/mileage Official and Coincidentally Ranked
I had developed a bit of a ranking (as far as a team of 4 is concerned) with the youngsters from S/mileage — a Tsunku-produced group that has actually gone official (in the C-ute and Berryz sense) and is not longer just some random H!P Egg bunch clustered up for a few singles. The coincidence part was that after I’d made my own personal ranking [[ #1- Maeda Yuuka, #2- Wada Ayaka, #3 Ogawa Saki & Fukuda Kanon (tied) ]], I discovered that Hello!Online was conducting its own poll to see what everyone else thought. I am wholly surprised that Kanon is in 1st place, which I think is wholly undeserving. Yuuka’s toxic cuteness is exponentially more intense than the Kanon, who seems to be a Chisato clone. I was never really into Chisato (from C-ute), so that may be part of it. There’s just some kind of block on her.

False Alarm on Early Maimi Hairdo Shortness
I downloaded an Utaban episode a few days ago on which C-ute made their first appearance (to promote that basketball PV) and could’ve sworn Maimi had short hair then, but after watching the episode to completion (which was strangely and unfairly hogged by some freakish singer whose sidekicks were way better than he was) and checking out some other earlier material of theirs, it seems her hair was just styled differently as to appear short, but tied up in some weird way. I’m trying to reconcile that her hair is going to remain short for the forseeable future, but maybe the hair techs will find some way to work with it to look loads better than it does usually. SIGH.

One thought on “J-Pop Wrap-Up: Buono, M-Kinenbi, S/mileage Ranked..

  1. It’s not necessarily the PV that your cow-orker is thrilled with, so much as the fact that his beloved Ayumi Shibata is in it ^__^ The vid is rather nice, though, and I reeeeealy like the song.

    As for Risako, I agree. As for Miyabi, I must say she has become much more favorable as of late, but Berryz #1 is so very obviously Yurina Kumai.

    And this:
    #1 – Kanon Fukuda
    #2 – Ayaka Wada
    #3 – let’s just go ahead and make it a tie between the remaining two.

    Gonna write a review of Cyborg Shibata?


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