Dear Grammar Nazis: Kindly Shutter Thine Yapper

There’s a roundabout \m/. awesome .\m/ review at, of an upcoming book about how most grammar police who correct you for improperly using “there” when it should be “they’re” get their own earful of whats-it-to-ya.

The Lexicographer’s Dilemma addresses how the idea that language, as a set and proper form in dire need of enforcement to ensure the greatest literacy quotient among the populace, is just a bunch of ballyhoo. People who think this are prescriptivists while those who believe dictionaries to be newspapers of how language has been used in the past (instead of how words must be spelled in the future) are descriptivists and how the latter bunch have the right idea for the most part.

As lovely as it would be, I doubt the author included my word for indirectly divulging one’s school of thought on this issue, to squiptipadoogleboinkaflop. I’m just glad the book is out and lays it straight ^_^

Timewaster Flash Game: Small Worlds

It’s been a while since I posted a timewaster flash game to play, and I’m starting to think that less is really more. Much like my previous post, the music really adds an awesome dimension to this next incredibly simple game. You’re a little pixel man and move with the arrow keys and jump with the spacebar. There’s no dying or lives, no health, no enemies, and no actual instructions. You just figure it out, and it’s incredible.

Without giving any spoilers, what I was expecting at the end was at least a percent-completed score of some kind, similar to how one or two of Gameboy Advance’s Castlevania games give you a percentage of the total overhead map you’ve been able to discover. But, there’s no scoring, no speed-run stats, etc. Just a lovely conclusion to a game that lets your imagination fill in the details.

Timewaster Flash Game: Small Worlds