Halo ODST: Finding All 30 Audio Files (video)

I’ve made perhaps a dozen or more videos that I’ve totally neglected to post on the main blog here — and one of them is a 2-parter on where to local all 30 of the audio files for x360’s Halo 3: ODST. I found perhaps 26 or so of them on my own, but had too look up the last couple. Doubt I would have ever found the final one by myself — especially considering it’s not even on the streets like the other 29 are! My source material was entirely from the guide linked here, although I shot and edited together all of the footage in the tutorials below. In fact, I just now googled “odst how to find all 30 audio files” and my video came up as the second listing. Sweet!


4 thoughts on “Halo ODST: Finding All 30 Audio Files (video)

  1. Awesome video guide, you really helped me find the audio logs. I like how you traced the actual path you need to walk on the map from log to log.

    The only problem I had was that I had skipped around a bit earning achievements prior to doing this, so my “saved progress” (other than the VISR data) had been lost. I found that if you are starting over, you have to go through and beat the first and second flashback missions before all of the audio logs are “available” in the Mombassa Streets.

    This forum entry on bungie.net confirms this, though it is not official and I don’t know why it seems to work that way:


  2. PS – reading that forum post again, it says that he needed to complete the first three flashback missions to make all of the audio logs “retrievable.” In my haze of spending several hours doing this, I had forgotten that I had to do that also.

    Again, great job on the guide!

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