Boing Boing Changes Its Design And It Sucks

Arguably the most visited blog on the Internet, bOING bOING, has been transformed by someone who doesn’t care much about how things look, because the new design is eye-stabbing.

One of the great aspects about BB’s old design was its simplicity. Although I’m sure the new design comes with some added perks like alternate commenting styles and whatnot, I’m thoroughly unhappy as a frequentish reader and my growing slackiness in checking it out will now move it into that on-again off-again spot reserved for when I’ve positively nothing else to do on the Internet.

Honestly, it reminds of those sales copy letters you get in the mail, that are advertising some new Lotto-winning technique or some special new superfood vitamin that has got zing and punch and will brighten your day, but written by a paid copy writer who had just heard of the product a week before he wrote the letter.

One particular aspect that is notably goofy with it, is the over-inundation of “hey look at this other article you can read about on this site” attention grabbers. The site has become so busybody with itself that the actual content (which I visit the site to read) competes with its own self promotion, in a less than victorious way. Many of them are clustered in a tacky discordant rainbow of colors at the top and thoroughly discards any sense of “color scheme” which is the site did once have.

Even still, there are shrunken prior articles briefly summarized toward the end of the front-page features (which are themselves shrunken with a read-more jump), and even still after those are even more shunken-shrunken-shrunken summaries of articles even further back. Just give me a big row of the front page articles all the way to the bottom again, BB, and let me scroll backwards if I want. I’m all for more efficient use of space, but seriously, this looks hideous.


One thought on “Boing Boing Changes Its Design And It Sucks

  1. Agreed – I absolutely hate this new look, it is totally unattractive and has lead to me almost completely cease visiting the site. Whatever… probably a waste o my time anyway

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