Western Interiors Swallowed by Luxe

I just discovered that one of my favorite architecture and interior design magazines, Western Interiors & Design got bought by another magazine I’d never heard of, but I must say that my subscription has improved drastically by now getting this new merger rag, Luxe. I was already very glad to get each issue of WI&D — each issue is like going on a weekend vacation to an expensive retreat and relaxing in spacious, high ceiling resort to ease back and recharge.

At first it was some freebie that I’d requested, and flipped through it probably 5 or 6 times before I read the editors’ letter explaining the change. This new magazine itself is royally impressive, with a superbly glossy thick-cardstock cover, and brilliant colored glossy pages inside. A lot of the talent that made WI&D is now with Luxe. (which apparently includes the period in the title) and it really shows. I had not known Luxe. prior to this issue, but I’m already a beaming fan.

I’m not certain how long I’ve got until this subscription runs up, but I certainly plan on renewing ^_^

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