A Friendly Ablestmage Reminder

Please ensure that your bookmarks (or whatever) that you use to get here, point to ablestmage.com and not ablestmage.wordpress.com. In the next few months, preferably before the site’s 2nd birthday in December, I hope to move over to my own regular server instead of it’s current WordPress home. Currently, the .com address acts as a detour sign that points traffic to the wordpress address, instead of my own space.

Whenever the transition occurs, though, I’ll still post links pointing to the new servers, and eventually post a final WordPress link that points to the new location for good. Thankfully, the WordPress architecture does permit exporting all of my previous entries onto the new site, so I’ll be able to near-completely mirror the entire site over. Anyhow, look for that in the months upcoming. Thanks for visiting — as you can tell, the site’s been doing pretty good, and I still make approximately zero dollars from its operation. I doubt that will change very soon, except in the form of some kind of endorsement that gets me freebies, as it were.

If you know any company that’d like to trade simplistic advertising for sending me free goodies, let me know. I get about 4,000 hits per week (varies between 3,200 and 5,000) mostly from the US, as the graph down on the right shows, but still from lots of weird places like Mongolia. I’m trying to avoid doing any market research types of things, so not many worries about that. Truly for all I know, I get hits from 4,000 bots each week that rarely comment ^_^

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