Timewaster Flash Game: Upgrade Complete

This is a long game that is relatively quick, and it took me about 30 minutes to beat it on my second play-through, knowing what all to do. It’s a forward-scroller shooter, but you’ve got to upgrade everything, including a loading portion to even load the game. You have to buy the game logo, the menu buttons, the save option, and more.

Thankfully there’s no lives, and losing a round doesn’t incur any penalties. You make game-money by playing rounds, and therein by destroying enemy ships and collecting the coins that pop out. You can upgrade your ship and such, but upgrading the game itself (such as from corny graphics to clean, is a clever option). You even upgrade the copyright section, and get to add a progress bar, a sound on/off option, and more. Once you’ve completed everything there is to upgrade, you even have to buy the ending page.

Upgrade Complete

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