Addicting Flash Timewaster Game: CANABALT

The object of this game is simple: Press X or C (doesn’t matter which) at the right moments to jump.

For as simple as the game is, I rate it rather highly because: (a) the atmosphere is amazing and immersive into this escape from a fearsome mechanized enemy invading your city, with birds that realistically scatter when you land nearby, glass that shatters, not to mention mech ships flying low nearby that shake the screen, (b) the sound effects are high quality and convincing, (c) the music creates a realistic sense of urgency and need to get wherever you’re going, without explaining why, and (d) unexplained roadblocks that you merely trip over, versus the “fine mist”-making device that falls from the sky surprisingly. The pace ramps up from urgent to desperate REALLY quick, and future retries have you cover different territory than your last attempt. Pretty cool.


To change limited settings in the game, like volume, click outside of the game area, and a menu will pop up of available commands.

After just playing for 20 minutes or so, my best distance is 2195. A friend of mine has claimed to break 2746, though.

And here’s a picture of that weird thing that falls from the sky (click for larger)…


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