Trying Sangria Senorial For The First Time

I was out shopping at the local close-out store, and happened upon a case of Sangria Senorial, which was opened and being sold by the bottle. At first I liked it because of the peculiar bottle shape (as I like weird containers, and drinking from weird containers for that matter), and considered getting it because it was $0.70 and something new to write about.

At first I thought it might be some kind of soy sauce, from the color, the bottle shape, and its proximity to the other groceries in the store, but on closer inspection the ingredients listed carbonated water and sugar as the top two items. It’s got a green bottle with a metal bottlecap that doesn’t screw back on, so I assume it’s meant to be consumed in one sitting (unlike a soy sauce bottle which has somewhat similar shape but a replaceable screw-cap). It’s 11.16 oz, so just shy of the amount in a standard soda can.

I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, so the Non-Alcoholic subheading caught my eye. I bought one, among other things at the shop, and took it home, and I’m trying it out now for the first time.

It’s made in Mexico, and the distributor is based in El Paso. I googled the name, and there’s a wikipedia entry for it that doesn’t offer much details other than it’s made by the same company that also produces those weird fruit juices you might see on the soda aisle that are all in Spanish (and perhaps only if you live in the South, at that), and that the beverage is “sangria-flavored”.

Sangria turns out to be a wine variety, but this particular brand is noted to be a non-alcoholic variety. It’s supposedly made with carbonated water, cane sugar, lemon, and wine grapes.

I had a heck of a time getting the cap off, although I could just be a weakling. I remembered my manual can opener has one of those metal cap pry thingies, so I had to get up to go hunt after it. Finally wrenching the cap off, I’m ready.

And now for the first sip. Not sure what to think. It’s not terrible or gross, but it’s not familiar. There’s a subtle twinge of grape, and only a hint of sweetness. The flavor seems to linger on the middle of my tongue after swallowing, and when I exhale after the tiny swig, I can smell it on my breath.

It smells vaguely like how wine smells, but doesn’t taste like how I’d guess wine tastes necessarily. The pinch of sweetness is throwing me off. I’ve had sparkling non-alc grape juice before, and it’s kinda like that, a little.

Sip #2, deeper swig, and periodically more sips and glugs. It’s really kinda growing on me. Not really worth $0.70 for a sparkling faint-grape beverage, but not altogether a total loss, if purely for the novelty. Each exhale after sipping seems to well up suddenly and directly to my sinuses, and give me the impression briefly that I’ve got beer breath.

Overall, not bad. I’d give it 6/10. If I were offered one for free, I’d take it. I’d pay perhaps $0.50 if there weren’t any other soda choices and I was thirsty. If there were other soda choices, I might grab one of these if it was significantly cheaper than the others. If there were a variety of sodas from an ice chest to grab from for free, I’d grab one. Verdict: Protruding Lower Lip, A Nod, Raised Eyebrows, and a Positive Meh.


3 thoughts on “Trying Sangria Senorial For The First Time

  1. Trying Sangria…..It’s definately a Mexican style drink. I think it’s supposed to be served slightly chilled but not cold.
    Slightly chilled makes it’s flavors awaken and appear dull at the same time! It’s a cool drink and I agree with your cost analysis/synapsis. You have to remember its an alkie drink originally!

  2. Tried Sangria Señorial tonight. although I liked the flavor, I missed the heat of the alcohol and fresh fruit pieces. Not a bad alternative for those who don’t drink and enjoy an evening of tapas or Mexican cuisine. Not sure I’ll be picking this up on a regular basis though.

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