Browse Most Forums Without Registering + Magazines

Also, read full-version magazines without subscribing.. sounds pretty good!

For a little background in layman speak, you might need to first know that when you browse the Internet, your web browser (MSIE, Firefox, etc) sends a little note that the person (you) accessing the site is using such-and-such computer program to look at the website (among other details).

When most forums or places that require registration to access gets that bit of detail, it will prompt you to register — unless you’re the Google Bot, which is a function of the Google search engine that scours the web unhindered so it can record information that can later be searched for (and the forum would subsequently gain the registration of the user searching for that information).

However, what if you were to trick the website into thinking you were Google Bot? Indeed there is.

There’s a Firefox extension called User Agent Switcher that allows you to fool websites into thinking you’re Google Bot.. but also other web browsers, such as the iPhone.

This not only permits you access to registration-required forums, but also to lots content only available to iPhone users, such as loads of free, full-version, current magazines. Just before I wrote this, I was checking out the latest Reader’s Digest after tricking into thinking I was on an iPhone.

So, here’s the rundown.

Using Firefox as your web browser, if not already…

…install this app (requiring you to restart Firefox),…

…follow the directions from this article on setting up a Google Bot identity,……hout-registering/

…and browse forums at your convenience. Or, just switch it over to the iPhone identity, and check out some magazines. If you know of other sites that offer magazines for iPhone users, please submit them in the comments, and I’ll check them out before they get posted ^_^ Fun!


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