LB-FI: “Shouganai Yumeoibito” by Morning Musume

So, this is my first attempt at liveblogging (LB), of my first impressions (FI) for the new Morning Musume music video, “Shouganai Yumeoibito”. A fellow Dead-Like-Me wordpresser who watched the DLM movie and liveblogged her response inspired me to try my own out ^_^

I’m a big Morning Musume fan, and have followed them for at least two years. I enjoy them for a mix of reasons — enjoying the peppy, catchy tunes and the general upbeat positivity of most of the messages; the fact that I can’t understand the language much at all, which assists in making the vocals seem more like a genuine “instrument” to me; and because frankly, the girls are wicked cute. Maybe the last bit might be the real reason ^_^;;

Anyhow, here we go. I’m watching the streaming version from Hello!Online’s announcement article and it’s completely new to me. Pushing play.

It initially reminds me of the Aruiteru PV with the plain-clothes approach. Not a big fan of Gaki‘s hairdo. Linlin reminds me a lot of Abe here for some reason (in pink) and when I caught the tiny slice of her at the beginning I thought Abe was going to be in this for some reason. The first part where they are all dancing together on the hardwood floor reminds me of the Sexy Boy PV because of some of the moves, and the outfit design. The lyrics are lining up with the heavy drum beat in the background rather well, and I like the photoshoot style of the outdoor backdrop. The video is almost like a cumulative fan-appreciation style, hinting at various aspects fans know about — the outdoor photoshoot backdrop (evocative of PB shoots and the up-front autograph photo shots), as well as representing a few of the previous videos with subtle hints. I’m surprised Koharu is dancing out front, as it’s usually either Takahashi or Reina leading. The shot of them standing in the tiered classroom is a bit drab and kinda awkward. I’m surprised how much older Michishige looks in this one. That’s a really good angle for Reina to gaze at the camera: shoulders back, head tilted forward. I am royally addicted to Michisige’s hairstyle. The end reminds me of the Takashimi Twilight PV, where Hitomi (in her final Momusu PV) gazes into the camera for a near-eternity, piercing our soul with a razor-sharp gaze. I hope this is not Takahashi’s last one!

Ok, so I’ve seen the entire video, and I think it was really pretty good. It seemed to draw from previous music and making-of videos, with hints of major elements such as the outfit design and dance floor from Sexy Boy, the casual walk-along outfit style of Aruiteru, a few sneaky glances and long ending gaze like from the super-leggy Takashimi Twilight. I don’t have any clue what the lyrics are about, and it seemed a little more serious instead of the regular pep. Are the days of cheery Ai Araba It’s Alright or Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari gone? Let’s hope not!

Edit: I originally called this a review of “3,2,1 Breakin’ Out” until a reader pointed out the actual title! ::facepalm::

Scarlet Takes A Tumble + Reactions

There’s another video making the circuits these days, and a number of videos are also circulating of people showing others for the first time and recording their reactions. This reminds me of the “2 Girls 1 Cup” days, where the only thing you could find were reaction videos, and never the original video (which I’ve seen, and suggest you not look it up). Anyhow, I bring you Scarlet Takes A Tumble

I had originally planned on embedding a bunch of reaction videos (which can be found rather abundantly) but decided not to for language reasons. There’s quite a few really funny ones, but have a lot of swearing in them, so I’ll just direct you to a YouTube Search of them instead. There’s also two other peculiar aspects to the reaction video: the first-time watchers seem to be almost entirely folks of the same heritage as Scarlet, and quite a number of them last a bit longer than would seem necessary. Ennyhoo =P