Monday Amateur Music: Pivo Vdvoem – Tu Es Foutu

I downloded this off YouTube some ages ago and keep it in my FLV directory for when I have no Internet (occasionally) and need randomy entertainment. I recently tried looking for it again (comes up on just about any search on YT for “balalaika”) and the version I downloaded had been titled, “two dudes, an accordian, a balalaika, and a chick”.. I had originally tried searching for balalaika music (the triangular guitar-thing in the video) after getting the Koharu song, Balalaika stuck in my head, as it’s rather catchy and my favorite of hers.

The people in the video are Russian, but singing a song in French. The pair are actually in a group called Pivo Vdvoem (but don’t ask me to pronounce it), and there are a couple other videos of theirs on YT, all in black and white, with the same gal in the background. The balalaika player is sporting an unusual haircut, which reminds me of one of the kids (Clem) from the American comic strip, Rose Is Rose (linked to a particular strip with said kid) so I’m sure it has a name.

The accordian-like instrument, as one commenter notes, is not an accordian — it’s a “bayan” because accordians have piano keys on one side, not more buttons. Someone else also noted the song’s title, “Tu Es Foutu,” (often called Tu M’as Promis) which I found here (with English translation).

Weekly Speedrun: Marble Madness Arcade

I’m gonna try to make a new thing for the site, a weekly something for each day of the week. I’ve decided for Friday it should be a videogame speedrun (completing it as quickly as possible). This one is for Marble Madness. I used to play this on the NES, but this is for the old upright arcade machine that uses the giant trackball similar to the old TRON arcade machine. Enjoy!

Chewbacca Noises From Random Objects

I revisited a video I’d seen quite some time ago, the first one shown below, and found that there had been other postings of Chewbacca-sounding objects collected for our bored-out-our-minds amusement:

Opening Nightstand Door (the best one)

Schoolroom Desks Sliding Against Another

An Old Steering Wheel.. Injecting Something?

Slam-Prevention Device Moans As Door Closes

Trash Compartmen On a Train

In-Line Water Heater Adjustments

You said it, Chewy.