Football Video: One-handed near backflip reception

I’m not really a sports person (though I was in marching band in high school, and naturally went to all of our football games, so I know a bit) and I was very skeptical about something described as an amazing catch for a pass. I mean, what could it be other than a guy catching a ball?

Well this amazing fellow not only caught it, but caught it in a backward dive(-ish), in one hand, and did a backward flip-somersault. Niiice.

Caught on Tape: Receiver Makes Unbelievable Catch

Facebook Application: Pull Tabs

I may have remarked about this before, but I am just hooked like a madman on Facebook’s application, Pull Tabs. You get an allotment of credits each day, and you can buy whichever and how-many-ever tickets you want and can afford, and with your winnings you by prizes. By collecting all prizes in a set (or achieving certain goals, like giving away a certain threshold of tickets to friends) your credit allotment rises. I’m currently on the “manager” tier (4 of 6, six being highest) and on one single Pull Tab today I won 6000 tokens. To someone who has no idea what this means, it may sound really corny, but to those of us who play.. yowza. I just had to tell somebody =P There exists the options to actually purchase additional credits, but I never do that. I play on the free version and just wait for the next day for my credits allotment to renew. Good stuff!

Clarifying Ripley: Francisco Guerro’s Floating Logos

A recent comic feature panel of Ripley’s Believe It or Not mentions a gentleman from Alabama (whether with a banjo on his knee, I know not) who has developed a process by which he is able to produce logos that float into the air.

I opted to look him up and found an article or two about him. He’s Francisco Guerro, and his creation of Flogos has created an uproar of new remarks upon hazardous environmental qualms and praises for a new form of advertising. One site’s commenter remarks, What if the porn industry were to start this? The accident rate would triple!. The four-foot-wide-and-smaller objects produced by the former magician and up-and-coming special effects entrepreneur are made from a foamy substance infused with helium, and bears the environmental impact of a few ounces of non-toxic soap.

Me and my metal-fabricating/manufacturing-minded brother may make a weekend project out of this sometime. He says he can happen upon a 2k-psi large tank of helium fairly inexpensively, as long as I can come up with a spiffy bubbling solution suitable for the task. I’ll have to do some research on the issue for a while, I wager. We even speculated on making a long extruding hose that fashioned snakes of the foam that would float up, and I suggested making a large “Slimer” affixed aloft so that we could go all Ghostbusters on it. It was even suggested of using hydrogen instead of helium, for making snakes and swirls or whatever that would explode upon a ten-foot-pole ignition.. but that might be taking it a little far. Might make for a few good YouTube videos, though. Once I come up with a good bubble solution, I’ll spill my guts here on the blog. I’ve already found a few online DIY recipes to try, but I’ll get back with ya.