Lady Blames Government For Prism Effect

As a maker of online videos, I’m sure at some point I’ll be making a nutzoid video employing obscure logic to make a point (and someone will quote me later, saying, “the poster even predicted his own demise!” in reference to this very entry), but for the few brief moments that I am not an outright hypocrit:

I’d like to point out some lady in Northern California who has documented that her sprinkler mist is creating a rainbow and then semi-epitomically wonders what our government is putting in the water to make it do this.

I thought it was a joke at first (as one commenter on her YouTube channel agrees) but after seeing months worth of paranod-esque exposès about this that and the other (such as illustrations that “chemtrails” exist when she used a video filter on a shot of sky, noting the weird effects revealed, despite the fact that the weird effects are directly due to the use of the filter itself) I am curious as to the current state of her brainchems these days.

Crazy Sprinkler Lady (’s title, not mine)..

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