Rare Giant Swinhoe Turtle Found in Vietnam

Apparently we should already know how big a Swinhoe Soft-Shell turtle is, because the article never states its size, other than the headline of “giant.” But anyway, a big one was found, and it has some elements of being a legendary figure, not especially unlike King Arthur’s “Lady of the Lake” except without the lady part (but still offering a sword, and from a lake).

Discouraged momentarily by this overt lapse in journalistic prowess, I looked it up (something a good news article would do for you). At least we got a picture, but still, there’s no object next to it by which we might guess it’s dimensions. Figures. When an article describes a giant turtle, I’m thinking something along the lines of Morla, The Ancient One from The Never Ending Story film, a turtle as big as a hill that even had a tree growing on it. There is nothing in the article that says how big it is, but I simply presume the photo is not an arial shot =P

A Swinhoe soft-shell turtle is a rare species (three of which remain in the Cleveland zoo that the researchers, who confirmed the find, work for) that according to another and far-better article (which also has a different picture), “can weigh up to 300 pounds and measure up to 3 feet with some living to more than 100 years old.” By comparison, the popularly known other giant turtles that vaguely resemble Morla in shape (but not size of course) are likely the Seychelles (?+ lbs), the Aldabra (550+ lbs) or the Galapogos (660+ lbs) variety.


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