New Project: Hand Turning A Old Book Page

I like to buy books at garage sales — largely just to see if I can sell them elsewhere for more (and often end up doing that) but some of them end up being worth practically nothing, or so little that the quarter I gave for it was higher than its market value. I don’t want to just throw out these lower-value books, so I’ve been trying to think of an idea of what to do with them.

I’ve considered making a hidden-compartment book out of them (as some of them are thick and would have a pretty good depth for such things, but I think I will have to try making at least one of these —

— cutting some of the pages out (but not completely) so that when crumpled up, it forms one hand pulling the next page over. I like these artsy kinds of things, so might be able to sell it right out again, but with a hand as a novelty piece =D I’ll post the project results when I get them completed (both for compartment and hand-turning books) =)

Editm on 09/17/2011 – The above picture was made by Stephanie Green when she was a 16-year-old American Canadian 11th grade student (today age 21) as one of a few final projects for classes. I had only, within a few hours, discovered WordPress’ (new?) stat-tracking section and was able to determine I got over 2000 hits to this single page within one day, almost entirely from this Reddit post, which offers this small gallery in addition to the higher quality pic above. She continues to make other art, but currently lacks a site for display. We all look forward to that day ^_~

4 thoughts on “New Project: Hand Turning A Old Book Page

  1. This is the coolest thing i’ve seen. I saw this months ago on a random website and have been looking around for it ever since. What book did you use?

    • I didn’t make it, but posted just that I plan to =P I’ve got several old encyclopedias (which I actually bought precisely for the purposes of making things out of) which the seller was more than eager to be rid of =)

      • Wow! Great idea! So did you ever make it?? I want to know what you do to the pages to make them look like a hand??? thanks!!

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