Debunking Forwards: Jane Fonda 100 Greatest Women

Possibly titled, “She Really Was A Traitor”, this particular forward warns that Jane Fonda is about to be honored as one of the 100 Greatest Women. There are a number of major red flags that pop up that just shoot down the credibility of this supposedly truth-telling forward.

(a) She will not soon be given the honor. The 100 Greatest Women article was in 1999. It’s nearly a decade old already. Also, “great” does not implicitly imply a positive attribute. Great also means influential, making Hitler a great man (in the sense that he was very influential and was an incredibly powerful public speaker — this does not state that Hitler was a positive role model at all). The people who automatically believe a list of “great people” to always mean “people described as good” should not be sending out forwards.

(b) The forward describes that Vietnam POWs were brought forward from their frightening solitary cells of mistreated capture, before Jane Fonda and asked to tell about their supposed good treatment. Each man secretly slipped Jane Fonda, according to the forward, whereupon each had written their social security number. After shaking hands with each captive, Jane reportedly turned over each piece of paper to the commanding captor and beat each soldier for attempting to subvert the captors, according to the forward. However, this entire tale is false, according to Each solider involved in the incident was interviewed, and each claimed that they had never met Jane Fonda, nor that they had any idea where the story had come from and why they had to keep repeating to the media the same explanation.

(c) The forwarding of this message is something that I believe is unbecoming of an individual employed or previously employed by the US Military. Possibly the greatest irony is that the forwarding of this email is tantamount to actually duplicating the crime Jane Fonda reportedly committed — spreading misleading propaganda — by failing to research many of the issues (including opinion to the contrary, not simply opinions in favor of one’s own) that the forward states and blindly sending the forward back out again based largely on an emotional response. To accuse Jane Fonda of a propagandist and traitor to soldiers, then immediately turning around and forwarding a false statement to fellow Americans decrying inaccurate and inflammatory statements about another American citizen, is to me the duplicate offense placing that soldier on the same level as the supposedly-errant Jane Fonda. Snopes notes that Fonda never did commit any particular act (such as divulging tactical secrets, etc.) that would be an act of treason other than simply exploiting the simple American right to freedom of speech, which each soldier is, in fact, fighting to defend.

Snopes article on Jane Fonda, and the original forward.


One thought on “Debunking Forwards: Jane Fonda 100 Greatest Women

  1. Come off it rich hippies. The nit picking about names is distraction and baloney. The core of Jane Fonda’s dispicable behavior is proven. It is proven by physical evidence, photographs and recordings of radio broadcasts. The liberal eliteist who have always protected her, because she is one of them, are still protecting her. It is we, the real people, the little Americans, we who have had our sons die, who desipse her — not you rich fat cat liberals.

    God bless Sarah Palin — chew on that you rich eletist hippies.

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