Debunking Forwards — Top Four Idiots of the Year

This one had me a bit stumped. When I searched for the email’s title, I only got one single entry in the entire Google dbase, of a forum post from what I presumed to be a family reunion site in a “hey look at this” type of message. I changed the “four” to “4” and got only a few entries, even still. I couldn’t find a particular origin of any of the clips, but if you happen to know, please list them here for me and others to learn about! Were they just clips randomly collected? Were the people in them OK?

The My Little Sister’s Jokes offers all four videos (that were included as attachments in the email) as WMV with a direct HTTP link to each. The filenames for the MLSJ site has some of them listed as a “DarwinAwardReject” and YouTube has a number of those listed, but not any that particularly seem to be the original poster, much less any of the ones specified by the email.

Commentary on each video:

1. The security cam footage looks too fake to me — security cameras generally do not record sound, and people falling to the ground do not generally have those particular movements when landing (they land like some certain video game characters do, not like real people do). I also find it interesting that the thrower never bothers to look around after throwing the first object and realizing the glass does not break, to see whether his lookout is still present. The site on the watermark looks mostly clean but is entirely in Spanish.

2. One of the forum posts says you can hear bones break in the roof-jumping video (which does not look particularly pleasant) but the table they landed on breaks on camera, so it’s not likely bones that make the snapping noise. The site watermarked on the video ( just redirects to, a common viral video posting site.

3. While I guess I’m glad the train dancer didn’t get hit, I was fully expecting him to, and may not have necessarily been sad had it occured. The site listed in the watermark is mostly porn, so avoid visiting it if that’s not your thing. The watermarked site is some regular dude’s blog, that looks largely clean and randomy (with loads of, to a print publisher’s eye, precariously open white space).

4. The rope swinger isn’t an idiot, just a bit unlucky that his foot got caught. It didn’t look like he was badly injured, as when he hit the rocks he was on the now-slowed upswing and may have only barely grazed them, and was screaming more than likely just because he was hanging upside down in humility rather than from injury (perhaps an ankle-twisting). I found the video by typing in (and actually mistakenly typing “” revealed a typo squatter) and searching for “Rope Swing”.

One thought on “Debunking Forwards — Top Four Idiots of the Year

  1. I was searching for my domain ( and came across this post. I cant quite figure out what the hell you’re talking about here, but I think you may be talking about the video of a guy who played chicken with a train? I got that video from a forum. If i remember correctly, the link went dead quickly, so I threw my stamp on it and hosted it because I knew it would go viral. I received 10s of thousands of hits on it but took it down because it just wasted too much bandwidth. I have no info on the vid in the end, it was just posted on a forum without any info. If its found its way into chainletters and such, my site really has nothing to do with it. hope that helps

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