Debunking Forwards — 809 Area Code Scam

I’ve recently been sent an email forward warning against use of the 809 Area Code for phone calls, for the reason the email states, lest I be charged $2425 per minute. Yikes.

Good ole Snopes to the rescue as usual! Snopes reports the email to be fradulent, but offers important clarification on telephone scams in general and details about the fact that 809, 284 and 876 area codes are not the only ones possible for scammage. Their page note that you can be scammed from practically any area code you’re unfamiliar with — so try to investigate area codes “strange to you” (regardless of whether they’re in the US or otherwise) to avoid future headaches with insane credit charges.

Solution: My Trac-Fone celly racks up a flat rate for both long distance and international calls both, at the same rate as domestic. I already have the landline at home (which I use more for DSL than calls) set with the service provider so that no long distance calls can be made from my line at all, so there’s not even a risk for me that I might call some crazy area code in the first place. Done!

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