DiVX’s Stage6.com is shutting down on Feb 28, 2008

I hate to say it, but it appears that one of my favorite video sites is closing its high-quality doors on Feb 28 of this year. Their blog post here delivers the bad news, mainly on the excuse of becoming too expensive and too attention-hogging to maintain. To me it seemed like a very smooth integration with its DiVX video player, permitting people to publish ultra-high-quality video in a YouTube format but with a slicker-looking site. I’m sad to see them go, but they had a good run, and I can sympathize with just having to let a project drop out from under you. Hopefully someone may be inspired by their efforts and create a spin-off site someplace that offers the same quality without having to force you to sign up.

I always liked that itty bitty SimCity traffic

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about SimCity (well, I started with SimCity 2000 since there was that tr/billion dollar cheat) was just getting to the point where I could make a bunh of inchy squinchy cars start making traffic jams in my city. That ever-spifferous MAKE blog has a video clip about some kind of magentic-propulsion miniature that may someday be incorporated into toys that reminds me of those itty bitty cars. Check out their article — amirite? This could mean big news for those miniature train set folks. All about the eensy train! *barely audible whistle*

Scientists Attempt to Measure Laughter

Scientist have developed a method for measuring genuine laughter by measuring certain muscles that move when genuine laughter is created (as opposed to that nervous laughter whenever your boss tells a joke). But that’s the lame version. Get the full scoop over at the Pink Tentacle. Interestingly enough, they are measured in “aH” .. I’m curious as to how multiples will be cited: 4 aH’s, or aHaHaHaH ? I’m such a dork =P

Jpop Video Review: C-ute’s “LALALA Shiawase no Uta”

I’ve been a fan of C-ute for a while now, but I can’t say their latest PV offering much followed along in the same quality as most the others have (except the Masara Blue Jeans video, not a fan). This particular tune was good but the video just never seemed to match up in its excitement.

LALALA Shiawase no Uta

The costume design is lacking, being just a simple dress with two rows of fluff around the bust region. I’m not really sure what the intended effect was supposed to be, but it’s lost on me. Like the Blue Jeans video, the image is rather plain and uninspiring to me.

The tune itself is peppy and has grown on me more as I’ve left it looping in the background.

The main trouble I find with it is the closeups at a particular part of the video — when they are forced to sing loads and loads of LALALAs and they seem to develop either a classic sweatdrop or seem to be thinking by their “ehhhh” expression on their attempts at smiling that, “Ok, this is weird having to say LALALALALALALALA for like 10 minutes.” Although it does give us English-speakers something to chime in with having little to no knowledge of the language per se, this particular repitition is something I dislike about even English songs have have it. I’m anticipating it’s inclusion to be strictly an appeal to the mass audiences of the Hello Project concerts that seem to chime in at predetermined times — making this one of those moments to add a rallying cry.

Naturally, my favorite of the bunch, Saki Nakajima doesn’t get much screen time, but admittedly moreso than some of the other lesser-shown gals. Airi has just been overpromoted IMHO, and although Maimi was a big draw for me in the beginning, my tastes have been a bit refined as they’ve aged a bit in facial dimensions since those earlier days.

That said, I think I’ll just keep it on loop in the background, without watching the video all that much. A fair offering, but by no means a favorite.