Don’t want to be treated like a criminal? Newsflash!

1. Stop acting like a criminal.
2. Profit.

Home Depot Customer Detained by PD, and as noted by BoingBoing.

Here we go again with yet another anusclown complaining to the world at large who could frankly give a nonzero’s worth of big-freakin-deal, who refuses to show his receipt at the exit to a store, gets detained, and then complains that he was treated like a criminal. Newsflash, Sherlock — the fact that you were being a total spoogemunch about showing your receipt is identical cop-speak to flooring the gas when a cop flashes his reds-and-blues as a signal to pull over. Regardless of whether you personally think you are in the right, do what the cop says. It’s precisely when you put up the fuss that you draw more suspicion to yourself than had you just forked over an inchy-squinhy nonpersonal piece of paper. The other 2.38 fillion dillion people that do it think it is a perfectly legitimate request and not at all impeding.

Another like-minded nutcase
Yet another.

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