Halo 3: Stray Chopper Wheel Splatters Sniper

Although technically I stole the video off Bungie Favorites, I edited it and got a lot more angles on it, almost in a story kind of way. A guy throws a plasma grenade toward a warthog turret that’s shooting him, but it lands on a nearby chopper instead, blowing it to pieces. One of the chopper wheels goes flying off and rolls down the roof of one of the long sandtrap structures and splatters an unsuspecting sniper. Funny =D

Halo 3 Video: Elephant Goes Berzerk and Launches Guest

I was playing a 3-player matchmaking session with 2 local friends and I glance over and one of them (a girl, no less) is suddenly way up in the air somehow! I go back to the theatre later and check out what happened — I’m still not sure how it happens, looks like the Elephant may have gotten stuck on something. It’s weird how the warthog falls through the floor and pops back through, though, too! Weird.