Sax Player Invents Instant Water Boiler

A saxophone player from New Zealand claims to have invented a device that boils water in seconds using a certain vibration technique that isn’t really elaborated upon yet. Apparently though, he invented it around 30 years ago. Full story here. I’d buy one, just to take it apart maybe =D

3 thoughts on “Sax Player Invents Instant Water Boiler

  1. careful perusal of the available data, the pictures in the tv3 NZ created multimedia feature, and his words, leads to this:
    0) he is a musician, a saxophone player.
    0.1) in the first multimedia segment, he explains how he noticed that blowing the saxophone, different notes would make glass, or forks clink and clank.
    0.2) he decided to use this to create a sonic boiler.
    0.3) however, before that:
    1) he was a spit-fire pilot.
    1.1) during flight, when the motor, and the propeller, would reach a frequency of resonance, he would experience an influx of heat.

    2) in NZ there is electricity at 50Hz.
    2.1) when looking at the multimedia image compilation, he is leafing through a book that has the whole piano keyboard in it, he points at a low G of his own piano, and at the same time holds the bowl / bell-like object in his hand.
    2.2) there are other images where he is listening to the bell.
    2.3) an archive from KeelyNET that turned out, points that in an earlier version, both of the bowls or bells would be of slightly differing size, but similar hemispherical shape. both would be wired with 50Hz electricity, and their distance altered.
    2.4) it appears that the invention that NZ TV / websites have been talking about and showing, is now a spherical object, which’s insides are not shown.
    2.5) the earlier device spoken of in the KeelyNET archives has a full description of the previous machine, and drawings from the inside.

    hope this helps somehow.

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