How to Get Riches & Power in Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Part 1

Part 2

Here’s how you can get obscene wealth and power within the first 15 minutes of emerging from the sewer system in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Recorded and annotated all myself, hope you enjoy! Part 1 of 2!

If you want the full un-split version in higher quality, download from here..

9 thoughts on “How to Get Riches & Power in Elder Scrolls Oblivion

  1. im level 9 and im trying to do the chameleon thing but instead of asscendant stone it says latent stone what do i do and the chameleon stone isnt comin up

  2. You just have to keep trying until the Chameleon stone eventually comes up. The video also explains the reason stones are labeled differently, depends on your level. Check out UESP for stone level variations =)

  3. The video already explains that =P You can dupe nearly anything (even Sigil Stones) except a few rare items like Nirnroot, certain enchanted or a few mission-based items.

    • The only version I have not known it to be thoroughly tested on is the PC version, since there are more recent and more corrective patches for the PC than for gaming systems.

      The GOTY edition is not a different version of the game, it is merely the original game with additional content on the disc to add to the game. Adding the content may raise the version number, but the guide was made after all known official addons (other than PC patches) were released.

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