One-Handed xbox 360 Controllers

Alright, that’s it. I’ve put it off long enough! My brother created a one-handed x360 controller for an Asian friend of his who has a misshapen hand/arm, so that he could play video games with everyone else — called the Chongtroller. I’ve been really slacking off on putting up the pictures, but now that I see this article about a guy who made one himself (and slightly less steampunk), I decided to get off my butt and git’r done!

So here it is, the world premier (ok, well actually he posted some images of it on his MySpace before I got ahold of it, so whatever) of the Chongtroller:

It’s hard to make out in the pictures, but the natural place for your fingers to fall for index thru pinky are respectively the right trigger, left trigger, B, then A. If you move your fingers slightly toward the “up and left” there is a second series of switches that are respectively right shoulder and left shoulder for index and middle, with the 2 remaining ring and pinky alternates unassigned, although there is a slightly “up and right” switch that crouches. Moving the entire hand portion forward backward and side to side (no twisting) acts as the left thumb stick, while the right thumstick is where your right thumb naturally falls (although the cardinal directions are rotated 90 degrees, so looking up and down in Halo would be a relative left and right wobble of the thumb, while a flexing of the thumb operates looking side to side.

On the metal surface you can probably guess where the D-pad is, and the start/back buttons are there in red.

I’ll ask him a few questions next time I see him to get the technical aspects entered here, so check back!

One thought on “One-Handed xbox 360 Controllers

  1. Hello

    My name is Joaquin, i’m Spanish and I have a problem with my left hand.

    I have seen your magnificent work and believe that your controller for the xbox me might be of great help. I ask you to facilitate more information to me, and if it is possible to buy you the controller in order that it could use it with my right hand.

    I am very interested for play in good conditions (the games for exemple Call of duty, Halo 3, etc its imposible play for me).

    I have not bought any console (play3 or xbox360), only I have the old xbox. I want to buy the controller that better works for my right hand. For me is important play correctly, in play3 or xbox360. Helpme try for best option

    I wait for your news.

    (my e-mail:

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